Enjoyable Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients


Doing activities every day is essential for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. These activities can help them keep their abilities and feel independent. Activities that involve the senses, light exercise, and things that make the brain think are good for them. It can also make them feel less anxious or upset, which can help the people who take care of them feel less stressed.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find things for someone with Alzheimer’s to do because they might find it hard to learn new things. As they get sicker, they might not be interested in something they liked before. But there are still lots of ways to make their lives better. Finding things they want that suits them can help you spend a pleasant time with them and improve their lives.

Activities that Feel Good for Alzheimer’s Patients

Doing things that involve their senses can help people with Alzheimer’s feel good, no matter what stage they’re in. Even people with late-stage Alzheimer’s can enjoy things they remember through smells and textures, which can help them feel comfortable.

Smells That Remind Them of Good Times

Certain smells can make people remember happy things from their past. Items that smell nice can make them feel better, less sad, or stressed, which is helpful for people with Alzheimer’s because it can remind them of good memories. Using familiar perfumes, candles, oils, flowers, or food smells can bring back happy memories and give them things to talk about, especially if it’s something they both remember.

Feeling Different Textures

Touching different things can also be excellent for people with Alzheimer’s. It helps them relax and feel calm. Activities like playing with clay, gentle massages, sorting clothes, or talking about things they know can make them feel better at any stage of Alzheimer’s.

Fun Things to Do Together

Doing things with other people is suitable for people with Alzheimer’s. It helps them feel happy and less stressed. Spending an hour a week doing things with others can make them feel better about themselves.

Enjoying Music Together

Listening or dancing to music is a great activity for people with Alzheimer’s. Music can make them feel less worried or sad, and sometimes, it helps them remember good times. Making a playlist of their favourite songs and listening, singing, or dancing together is a good way to have fun and connect.

Sorting Things or Playing Games

Organizing and talking about familiar things can make people with Alzheimer’s feel better and help them remember stuff. Playing simple games or puzzles that they already know how to play is good for their brain and makes them happy.

Outdoors Can Be Great

Going outside can make anyone feel better, including people with Alzheimer’s. Being in nature helps them feel happier and calmer. Going to places they know, like parks, or doing simple gardening activities like watering plants or watching birds can make them feel good.

Inside Fun

Sometimes, staying inside and doing things is better for some people with Alzheimer’s. Looking at old family pictures or making memory books together can help them remember good times and feel closer to the people they love.

Cooking Together

Cooking is a fun way to use their senses and make them feel good. Simple things like washing vegetables, measuring ingredients, or baking cookies can be enjoyable and bring back good memories.

Easy Exercises at Home

Doing simple exercises indoors can help keep their bodies moving and make them feel better. Things like gentle stretches, yoga, or walking around the house can help them stay healthy.

Wrap Up

Even though it can be hard to find things for people with Alzheimer’s to do as they get sicker, doing activities that they like and that feel familiar is essential. These activities can improve their lives and help them feel happier and more connected, even as their memory worsens. Enjoying simple things together can bring great joy and comfort to Alzheimer’s patients.

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