What Can You Expect in Assisted Living?


Assisted living is not at all like it used to be, and that’s wonderful! Today’s assisted living communities more closely resemble resorts than old-fashioned nursing homes because they enhance life on many levels, help seniors remain independent and provide for their every need. Not sure if assisted living is right for you? Here’s an overview of what to expect in the best assisted living communities.

The Exact Care You Need

For many who choose assisted living, getting the right type and level of care is the deciding factor. While some need just a little hands-on help with dressing or bathing, others may need assistance with medications, getting out of bed, getting around, and preparing meals. The key is that assisted living provides just the care you need when you need it with respect and compassion but without sacrificing privacy. In assisted living, residents know that someone is always watching out for them. If more help is needed, someone will be there to provide it. Learn more about all modern assisted living has to offer in our blog, Assisted Living: The Why, The How, and The Now.

Companionship and Social Fun

It may not seem important but being with others is essential to good health and well-being. It’s just part of being a human, and according to the psychologytoday.com article, Why We Need Each Other, loneliness has negative repercussions that are not only physical but emotional as well and include poor sleep and appetite, compromised immune and cardiovascular function, and depression.

Assisted living, however, makes it easy to enjoy daily interaction with friends through activities like games, classes, entertainment, and exercise. Residents can pick and choose what they want to do and who they want to spend time with because there are no requirements, just plenty of options. Find out more about the importance of staying social in retirement in our blog, In With the In Crowd: The Benefits of Socialization for Older Adults.

Purposeful Living

Many seniors find that they lose their purpose as they lose the ability to manage their lives alone. Being unable to do the things that are fulfilling can be a devastating blow. Maybe volunteering is no longer possible due to mobility issues or getting to a hobby class or workshop is too difficult when driving ends. One by one, the parts of life that make it worth living can slip away, leaving seniors with plenty of time but nothing to do with it.

This is where assisted living makes perfect sense. Residents have everything they need to pursue hobbies and interests close by, and if transportation is required, it’s there for them. Many of the best assisted living communities, like Courtyard Senior Living, know the importance of living purposefully and go the extra mile to ensure residents can pursue their passions and reach their goals. Get the facts in our blog, Purposeful Living in Retirement.

A Safe, Accessible Home

Aging in place in the family home seems like the best choice because it is familiar, but it may eventually become less and less safe due to inaccessibility. Navigating small spaces, trying to get through doorways with a walker, and safely ascending and descending stairs and steps can all become a risk to the health and safety of a senior. Structural renovations are a costly option, but there’s a better choice.

Assisted living communities are designed and built to be accessible with wide halls and doorways, bright open spaces, zero stairs or steps, and housing that is created to enable maximum movement with minimum risk. From modern well-appointed kitchens to well-lit living rooms and bedrooms to bathrooms with walk-in showers and extras like grab bars and level faucet handles, no detail is overlooked. If safety seems to be lacking at home, check out our blog, Aging in Place Safely: What You Need to Know.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Living well in retirement requires a healthy lifestyle that is enabled and sustainable, regardless of physical limitations. If getting to the gym is difficult, buying groceries and preparing healthy meals is a challenge or just cleaning the house is a burden, a healthy lifestyle may be out of reach.

All that disappears in assisted living, where residents enjoy state-of-the-art fitness centers and classes, outstanding and nourishing chef-inspired meals, and weekly housekeeping services. There’s more to consider because also gone are those pesky chores like lawn care, window washing and other home maintenance that make living at home more of a pain than a plus. Still not sure? Read our blog, At-Home Care or Senior Living? Making the Right Choice.

At Courtyard Senior Living, we make luxury assisted living all it can be, no matter how much or how little help is needed. Find out why we are among the best and contact us today.

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